Endurance Medics

 Specialist Event Medical Cover

email: contactus@endurancemedics.co.uk. tel: 07973781337

Our Mission

Endurance Medics was born out of our passion for adventure racing. Having competed in everything from marathons, triathlons, ultra-marathons and mountain marathons, to cycling and swimrun events, we are not simply defined by being experienced medics, but more-so by being competitors. Having the mindset of a competitor means that we understand the pain, the sweat and the tears that goes into the training, the camaraderie of the start line, the rush of a personal best and the elation of finishing. Whether its helping a competitor to achieve their personal goal, or taking the stress away from event organisers, the thing that really makes us tick is getting as many people over the finish line, as safely as possible.


Put simply; we love sport, we love endurance events and we love it when competitors finish with a smile on their face!