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Our Mission

Endurance Medics was born out of our passion for adventure racing. Having competed in everything from marathons, triathlons, ultra-marathons and mountain marathons, to cycling and swimrun events, we are not simply defined by being experienced medics, but more-so by being competitors. Having the mindset of a competitor means that we understand the pain, the sweat and the tears that goes into the training, the camaraderie of the start line, the rush of a personal best and the elation of finishing. Whether its helping a competitor to achieve their personal goal, or taking the stress away from event organisers, the thing that really makes us tick is getting as many people over the finish line, as safely as possible.


Put simply; we love sport, we love endurance events and we love it when competitors finish with a smile on their face!



We are an event medical company based in Cornwall, but operating nationwide. Our ethos is to ensure that we are capable of dealing with all eventualities on the course, and that we will have little or no impact on NHS services - statutory services are under pressure at the best of times, so cannot always provide a timely response to sporting events. Our complete service will take away all the logistical worries that organising an elite or mass participation event entails, from a thorough risk assessment, through the provision of the highest quality of care at the event, to a post race report detailing areas that can make your next event even better. As competitors ourselves, we know that the races that imprint the best memories and remain the most talked about are the ones that have the closest attention to detail. We provide that Gold Standard service for your health and safety logistics that will leave fellow competitors with the broadest of smiles. 

Our medical director, Dr John Garman, is a GP with 15 years experience but with a career that has been so much more varied than just the desk job that being a GP can be these days. He was lead GP on the remote archipelago of the Isles of Scilly for 5 years, during which time he developed significant clinical experience in the pre-hospital environment - as a remote medic there is a responsibility to cover everything from acute medical problems to significant trauma, all of which is done in an isolated environment. As such he is well used to managing risk in difficult conditions. On top of this experience, he has also completed Immediate Care in Sport training, and now provides medical cover for all sorts of sporting events, ranging from rugby, to events such as the Ötillö swimrun, triathlons, endurance swimming events and other land based endurance events.


He has also been involved in risk assessing large events in order make sure that medical cover is provided in a pragmatic and safe way, with a particular emphasis on minimising the impact on the statutory services, such as the NHS. As a member of the local resilience forum on Scilly, he took part in the planning of the safety of various events ranging from simulations of mass casualty scenarios at the local airport, to the impact of large events such as the World Pilot Gig Championships and the Ötillö swimrun world series event . This involved live exercises as well as table top scenarios, and being a member of local Safety Advisory Groups.

On the back of this, he set up Endurance Medics in order to provide a gold standard level of risk assessment and medical cover to sporting events. Whilst we do not need to be registered with the Care Quality Commission, as the lead GP on Scilly, his organisation was inspected twice and achieved an outstanding commendation each time - he therefore understands the necessity of good governance in a medical organisation and has applied the same level of rigour to Endurance Medics.






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